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RGE Camp: “Business Models of Coffee Roasteries” | Morten Munchow (CoffeeMind)

April 10, 2017

CoffeeMind's Morten Munchow is no stranger to cramming as much information into his time on the Tamper Tantrum stage - you may remember his presentation from CoLab: Paris - but this time, we think he's outdone himself! Presenting his ongoing research into the business models of coffee roasteries, Morten gives us a primer in business models, both traditional and lean, before jumping into insights of the research's interim analysis. By mapping business data and demographic elements, business models, pivot points, and risk aversion of the primary founder, CoffeeMind are finding some interesting (and unexpected) correlations between business size and dynamic ability within the market. You'll definitely want to grab a pencil and notebook for this one! 


Morten Munchow, founder of CoffeeMind, is a man of many hats: as trainer, consultant, and researcher, Morten can be found at the University of Copenhagen, where he is an external lecturer in the department of food science, at the London School of Coffee, where he has taught coffee roasting since 2007, or hard at work with the SCAE Education and Research committees, where he developed SCAE’s roasting certification system.

Morten has conducted research on cappuccino foam chemistry, processing methods, starter cultures, sensory science, roasting defects, behavioural economics of consumer preferences, and roast degree preferences. He has also regularly consulted with a variety of different sized roasteries around the world, from South Africa to South Korea and Iceland to Kuwait and many more in between.