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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

No. 94

December 29, 2017

History is full of the winning combination of comedy duos – Abbott and Costello, Lucy and Desi, French and Saunders – but 2017’s final episode of the Tamper Tantrum Podcast features the irreverent comedy of everyone’s favourite muppet hecklers. No, not Statler and Waldorf – although they do a decent impression – No. 94 features the return of our own, in-house comedy duo: Colin and Steve!

No. 94 is also home to the third annual Tampies, incidentally disguised this year as a 2017 recap and general catch up between Colin and Steve. Again, we won’t give it all away here, but as Jenn wasn’t involved in the recording of this podcast, we’ll let these post-show interjections give you a glimpse of what this episode contains:

 Of course, that doesn’t even begin to cover it all…! Thanks for joining us on the wild ride that has been 2017, we’ll see you in the new year. x