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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

CoLab: Prague : Joanna Alm

September 14, 2015

Joanna Alm is definitely a name you should know if you work in specialty coffee-- after running a coffee bar in Oslo for a few years, she moved home to Sweden, and started working at Drop in 2010. A few years ago, Joanna became partner in the company and is now the CEO, head roaster, and green coffee buyer at Drop Coffee. If you're not familiar with Drop, you might recognize Joanna from World Coffee Roasting Championship: she won the Swedish Roasting Championship two years in a row, placing 3rd (2014) and 2nd (2015) at the worlds.

Joanna's talk, "Espresso: Letting the origin speak from the cup", is all about her vision, for both roasters and baristas, to work with coffee in a way that keeps the most possible tasty flavours in the final cup. A strong argument for moving away from roasting for brew method so that we can better focus on showcasing what is inherently present in the quality of the green bean, Joanna's talk offers a look at the vision driving one of specialty coffee's most well-known and respected brands.