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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

TTSF: “The Future of Coffee” | Hanna Neuschwander, World Coffee Research

January 12, 2018

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you’ll already be very familiar with our first speaker last November in San Francisco - World Coffee Research’s Hanna Neuschwander – but this time, we’re talking about far more than WCR’s sensory lexicon. We’re talking about the future.

After asking us to imagine what life will be like for each of us in 2050 – well within our expected lifespans – Hanna explores both the challenges (“This is going to be, like, a super downer for a minute – sorry!”) and the opportunities (“more optimistic stuff!”) that the future holds for coffee and the industry built around it.

Hanna Neuschwander has been communicating about coffee and science since 2004. Her writing about coffee and food has appeared in publications including Travel + Leisure, Edible Seattle, Portland Monthly, and the Oregonian, among others. She is the author of Left Coast Roast, a guidebook to artisan and influential coffee roasters on the west coast. She has presented about the history, sustainability, and economics of coffee at everywhere from Boston to Panama City. She is based in Portland, Oregon.