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RGE Camp: “Mapping Machine & Curve” | Talor Browne (Talor&Jørgen)

March 27, 2017

Born out of a desire to find the right roaster for her new business, Talor Browne set about putting together a methodical way to move beyond the typical reasons for purchasing a particular machine in order to find the one that best suited her new business: one coffee, six roasts, four roasters, 24 profiles, 95 participants, and 2300 hand-packed samples. Her presentation at the first ever RGE Camp last year outlines the method, hypothesis, and results of the one week experiment – ending with a cupping of all 24 samples and live results from the attendees at RGE Camp!

Talor Browne is a roaster, barista, writer, Q grader and pastry chef. Founder of Talor&Jørgen and Fryd, she is originally from Australia but currently living in Oslo.