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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

No. 89

September 22, 2017

This week, we’re joined by Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research to see how things have progressed since she last joined us on the podcast all the way back in No. 47, recorded shortly after the release of the sensory lexicon and accompanying flavour wheel from SCA(A). Before jumping into the nitty gritty of research progress, we take a side-trip along the left coast of the US – partially as, at the time of recording, Hanna would shortly be joining us there for our San Francisco event, but partially as it’s one of her many areas of expertise – to talk about the history of specialty coffee on the west coast of America.

As we talk through Hanna’s own coffee history, we work our way up to her time with World Coffee Research and discuss specialty’s adoption of the sensory lexicon, the progress that’s been made with their work on F1 Hybrids, and their newest endeavour to keep the good work rolling along. No. 89 runs a little longer than the average podcast, but for good reason: Steve puts on his devil’s advocate hat as we look at various options to fund and release research.