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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

MCF: The Business of Brewing Vol. 3

February 26, 2017

Sadly, this week marks the last instalment of 2016 Manchester Coffee Fest’s “The Business of Brewing”. As Sam Tawil (Bold St) and Claire Wallace (Brew Lab) join the panel of Tim Bosworth (Hoxton North), Pete Gibson (Grindsmith), and Alison Bell (BLK Coffee Heaton), the conversation turns more to the idea of “northern nuance” – what is different about running a coffee business in “the north”? Together, they examine the roles that food, space, staff, and service all play in building a successful coffee business, coming to the conclusion that whilst it is harder and harder to be perceived as “unique”, there are actually lots of little ways to differentiate your business from others’. Moreover, that even if they were given the opportunity to change something fundamental about their business when it was first getting off the ground, that maybe things progressed just as they should have.

Exciting news! We'll be returning to Cup North's Manchester Coffee Festival this year, taking place at Victoria Warehouse the first weekend in November. Find more details on the Tamper Tantrum program here, or better yet, head straight to the source for more information!